Bassist and Producer
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Credits And Highlights

[December 2010] - Ella Montclare Istanbul tour.

[August 2010] - Sail Amsterdam 2010 various appearances during the 4 day celebrations as part of the Ocean Experience awareness campaign.

[October 2008] - IUCN Grand Opening ceremony music.

[October 2008] -TekFen orchestra video coordination work for realtime synchronization during performance.

[June 2008] -Production work for Antinea exhibition in Brest, France.

[May 2008] -Sound engineer on recording vocals for C-Tracks Productions.

[April 2007] - Sound track for Ramsar convention awareness video.

[November 2006] -Speach on music and technology applied to education - Ecole Internationale de Genève.

[January 2006] - "The Ocean Experience" is displayed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

[October 2005] - Lecture at the "Film and music" workshop in the Ecole Internationale de Genève.

[2003 - 2005] - Sound Engineer, producer, co-writer, and Bass Guitarist in Kerr.
Features include production of the original soundtrack for the show "The Ocean Experience" commissioned by the environment agency Antinea, and its performance live in Geneva, Switzerland April 2005.

[2002 - 2005] - Bass guitarist in pop/rock band "Driven", and in several function bands. (UK)

[1998 - 2000] -Main songwriter and Bass guitarist in "System Stop" Rock project. Finalist of the "Popzuelo Demo competition 2000".

[1996 - 1998] - Double Bassist in "Orquesta de Cámara de Pozuelo de Alarcón" Youth orchestra (Spain).

[1995 - 1999] - Double Bassist in "Orquesta Luigi Boccherini" youth orchestra (Spain). Featuring the "Viena en Madrid" Chrismas concert in Nacional Auditorium 2000.