Bassist and Producer
- Bio 
     I have been a bassist since the age of 14, although my musical history dates back much further. As my main instrument, playing the double bass has always brought great opportunities as early as I can remember and has always been at the centre of my musical career.

    Over time I have branched out from my former classical background and extended my playing to encompass the bass guitar which I presently regard as my main instrument.

    My playing and performance experience is also wide, stretching from chamber and symphonic performances in national auditoriums to much smaller contemporary jazz, funk, rock and pop concerts within the UK, France, Spain and Switzerland.

    Possessing a wealth of knowledge in the studio and media arena, I have worked on several large projects with responsibilities encompassing the recording, production, synchronisation and performance of my own or co-written compositions with fellow musicians for synchronisation alongside visual projections for internationally commissioned work by organisations such as Antinea Foundation, IUCN, Ramsar Consortium and the World Economic Forum.